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The Directorate of Factories & Boilers, Odisha works under the administrative control of Labour & ESI Department, Govt. of Odisha. This Directorate is entrusted with the responsibility of implementation of various Acts, Rules and Regulations as mentioned below relating to Safety and Health of the industrial workers and protection of plant, process, machineries and equipments from accidental damage.

Enforcement of Central Acts / Regulations

  1. The Factories Act, 1948
  2. The Boilers Act, 1923
  3. The Indian Boiler Regulations, 1950

Enforcement of Rules under the Acts

State Rules

  1. The Orissa Factories Rules, 1950
  2. The Orissa Factories (Control of Major Accident Hazard) Rules, 2001
  3. The Orissa Boiler Rules, 1971

Central Rules

  1. The Boiler Attendants’ Rules, 2011
  2. The Boiler Operation Engineers’ Rules, 2011

Additional Responsibilities

  1. The Building & Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Services) Act, 1996 [BOCW Act] Chapter-VI (Hours of Work, Welfare Measures & Other Conditions of Service of Building Workers) and Chapter-VII (Safety and Health Measures) only.
  2. Orissa Building & Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Rules, 2002 (Only the provisions under Chapter VI & VII of BOCW Act).
  3. Chemical Accidents (Emergency Planning, Preparedness and Response) Rules, 1996 (limited provisions only) under Environment (Protection) Act, 1986.
  4. Manufacture, Storage & Import of Hazardous Chemical Rules, 1989 (limited provisions only) under Environment (Protection) Act, 1986.

Organization structure

This Directorate is headed by Director of Factories & Boilers under whom two Joint Directors of Factories & Boilers, one Deputy Director of Factories & Boilers (Safety), one Assistant Director of Factories & Boilers (Headquarters), one Assistant Director of Factories & Boilers (Safety) and one Assistant Director of Factories (Medical) are functioning at Headquarters. Besides, for enforcement in the field, there are seven Divisions headed by Deputy Directors of Factories & Boilers and twenty-two Assistant Directors of Factories & Boilers working under their control at different Headquarters throughout the State.

The organization structure is furnished herewith

Aim and objective


The basic aim and objective of the Directorate is to enforce the above legislations for securing safety, occupational health, work environment, welfare and working condition in factories. With the advent of new technology, innovation and modernization, the work of this Directorate has increased multi-fold over the last decade. Further, several chemical factories have come up in the State handling hazardous and toxic substances which has been a challenge for the enforcement mechanism to handle such complex matters in enforcement of Industrial Safety and Health. The Directorate is consistently putting its untiring effort to safeguard life and property of industrial workforce.


The Directorate is bestowed with the added responsibility of developing Disaster Management system in Major Accident Hazard as well as Accident-prone factories of the State to prevent and mitigate Chemical and Industrial Disasters.


Besides, the legislations regulating Safety in Design, Manufacture, Quality assurance, Installation, Erection, Operation, Repair, Maintenance and Certification aspects of Boiler plants along with its connected Pipelines and equipments thereof is also a major responsibility assigned to the Directorate.


For proper enforcement and implementation of the existing Acts and Rules, the following programmes have been devised by the Directorate.



Scrutiny of plans, technical specifications and documents along with Safety & Health Policy, Material Safety Data Sheet, Process Flowchart, On-site Emergency Plan, etc. for the purpose of Approval, Registration and Licensing of factories under the Factories Act, 1948

Scrutiny of design, drawings, technical specifications and documents in respect of boilers, steam pipelines and related equipments under Indian Boiler Regulations for the purpose of registration and certification.

To review and analyse accidents and dangerous occurrences and suggest remedial measures.

To assess performance of Safety Officers deployed by different factories for acceptance under the Factories Act.

To review On-site Emergency Plan and detailed Disaster Control measures and assess its workability for acceptance by Authority.

To carry out technical competency and assessment of persons / Institutions for recognition as Competent Person in respect of Stability of Buildings and Structures, examination and testing of Hoists, Lifts, Cranes and other Lifting Machines, Pressure vessels, Piping and plant thereof, Confined space containing Dangerous fumes, Ventilation systems, Process of sand blasting, Asbestos processing, etc.

To ensure medical examination and surveillance of industrial workers exposed to hazardous work environment.

To ensure monitoring of work environment in different processes involving dust, fume, hazardous chemicals, noise, etc.

To assess Safety and Health Management System in different factories of the State.

To scrutinize Safety Audit Reports and ensure compliance.

To assess technical competence of firms / persons for recognition as Boiler Manufacturer / Erector / Repairer under Indian Boiler Regulations, 1950.

To conduct Boiler Operation Engineer / Boiler Attendant / Welder Certification Examination for the purpose.

To conduct various promotional programmes such as training, seminar, workshop on safety and occupational health.

To carry out periodic review and performance assessment of field officers.

FIELD (Zonal ADF&Bs and Divisional DDF&Bs)

To inspect all Factories at least once in a year.

To impart special thrust on all accident-prone and 2(cb) category Factories (i.e. the factories involving hazardous processes as defined in First Schedule).

To ensure compliance by periodic check-up and initiate appropriate action against the recalcitrant occupiers and managers.

To inspect Boilers along with the attached steam pipelines and equipments thereof periodically and also when needed.

To provide advice on proper repair and maintenance of boilers as and when required in the event of detection of defect or failure.

To investigate accidents and dangerous occurrences and take appropriate action.

To enquire into the complaints and take remedial measures.

To detect registrable-unregistered factories for registration and licensing under Factories Act.

To detect crude steam generating devices used in factories and other places and take appropriate action for its dismantling.